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Application Management

To start an application, please click on Create an Account below. After entering your email, first name, last name, and date of birth, you will receive an email with a temporary PIN.  Use this PIN to set a password for your account and begin your application.

Postbac Premedical Program Students:
The application is available to start from early September to deadline April 30 (program info)
Graduate Students:
MFA in Writing applications are available (program info):
January residency application opens in early March to deadline September 1
June residency application opens in early September to deadline March 1
You may only start one app per calendar year.  If you'd like to reapply in the same calendar year or to request a deadline extension, please contact for help.
MFA in Dance application is available to start from early September to priority deadline March 15, closes in June (program info)
MFA in Music application in not available online presently (more info)
Undergraduate - Deadlines
First Year Students:
Common App is usually available to start in August via
Dimensional Apps are available to start September 1 (more info)

Transfer Students:
Please use the Common App to apply to Bennington as a transfer student (more info
If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-833-6845 or at

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