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    Bennington Early College Program

    The Bennington Early College Program offers a suite of online courses designed to connect to and feed your intellectual curiosity. Through the program, Bennington College faculty teach month-long courses in Literature and Writing, Social and Environmental Justice, and Politics, Power, and Society. Courses are priced at $600 per course, and if you apply for undergraduate admission to Bennington, you will be reimbursed 50% of the fees for courses you have taken. If you enroll at Bennington, you will receive a full refund and all credits gained through these courses will transfer, giving you a head start in your Bennington journey. Currently, scholarships are not available.

    The primary language of instruction for each course is English.  Participants should be comfortable reading, writing, and conversing in English.  These courses are taught entirely online.

    After completing the application form below, the Admissions office will contact students and inform them of their admissions status. Students admitted to the program will then be required to complete a registration and payment form to select the course(s) in which they would like to enroll.

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    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed. 

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